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Links 1/17/13


Didn’t have as much time tonight so I didn’t get to do as many links.

Global Warming Debate is No Debate at All The Big Picture.
Treasury Nominee Jack Lew’s Pro-Bank, Austerity, Deregulation Legacy Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales at Democracy Now! via Truthout.
Two GOP Congressmen Want To Impeach Obama Over Gun Reforms, and More Thom Hartmann via Truthout.
I Went After Guns, Obama Can Too John Howard via The New York Times.
Aaron Swartz’s Lawyer: Prosecutor Stephen Heymann Wanted ‘Juicy Case’ For Publicity The Huffington Post.
‘Morning Joe’ Host Eviscerates “Sick in the Head” NRA for Targetting Obama’s Kids David at Crooks and Liars.
The Right’s Resistance to Regulation Economist’s View.
Sex Crimes Continue to Plague the US Military Sarah Blum via Truthout.

Corporate Profits Have Grown by 171 Percent Under “Anti-Business” Obama Pat Garofalo at Think Progress.
JP Morgan CEO’s Pay Halved Diane Sweet at Crooks and Liars. Poor guy will only take home 11.5 million after “egregious mistakes” in the Chief Investment Office.

There Goes the Boom- ATF The Daily Show.
Pat Robertson’s Romance Advice The Colbert Report.


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