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Links 1/19/13


Zero Dark Thirty is Osama Bin Laden’s Last Victory Over America Matt Taibbi.
The Second Ammendment Was Really Ratified to Preserve Slavery Karoli At Crooks and Liars.
Marijuana Possession Arrests Exceed Violent Crime Arrests The Huffington Post.
Poll Shows Huge Support For New Gun Control Measures John Aravosis at Americablog.
New York Rep: GOP Made Us ‘Go Around Like Third World Beggars’ for Sandy Aid Aviva Shen at Think Progress.
MAP: In These 22 States, Every House Republican Voted Against Sandy Aid Dana Leibelson at Mother Jones.
House Science Chair’s First Action is to Hold a Climate Change Denier Hearing Rebecca Leber at Think Progress.
Flashback: How Republicans and the NRA Kneecapped the ATF Tim Murphy at Mother Jones.
Why Obama’s Gun Control Orders Miss the Target Ana Marie Cox at The Guardian.
The Legacy of Timothy Geithner Simon Johnson at The New York Times.
Treasury Nominee Jack Lew Retained Citigroup Foreign Investments After Joining Obama State Department; Public Kept in Dark Pam Martens at Wall Street on Parade.
House Republicans Have Zero Problem Raising Cieling On Cash For Oppressing Gays Rich Abdill at Wonkette.

Responding to Financial Crises: Are Austerity and Suffering Inevitable? Jayati Ghosh at Triple Crisis.
New Ruling on Mortgage Putbacks a Potential Huge Win For Banks Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism.
Inside the Hostess Bankery-The Movie, Who Keeps the Dough Bluebarnstormer at DailyKos.
1% CEOs Insist Americans Need to Work Until 70 Chris in Paris at Americablog.
Markets to Washington: You Know Nothing of Our Work Wonkblog.

Rush Limbaugh Incites Violence Against Women Seeking Abortion Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon.
Why Feminism Can’t Afford To Ignore Transgender Women Anna North at Buzzfeed.
Forty Years After Roe, Abortion Doctors Still Fear For Their Safety Anna North at Buzzfeed.


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