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Representative Brown “Horrified” by Reaction to Her Rape-Victim Punishing Bill; Petition Her and Call Her to Withdraw It


cathrynn brown

I know I said I wouldn’t be blogging again until Monday night, but I couldn’t help posting this. Cathrynn Brown, the New Mexico state representative who introduced a bill yesterday that would criminalize getting an abortion after being raped, is apparently so “horrified” by the negative response to her bill that she has removed her contact information from her legislature page.

But, as Emma Wolf pointed out, other sites have put up Brown’s contact information so you can call her and ask her to withdraw her bill.

There is also a Change.org petition you can sign asking Brown to withdraw her bill.

Brown has been doing damage control by claiming that her bill “protects women and girls from incest and other sex crimes.” However, given Brown’s place on the board of the Carlsbad’s Right to Life chapter and her pro-life activism, I seriously doubt that the goal of this bill was ever to protect victims as much as it was a poor attempt to stop abortion after rape.



  1. emmawolf says:

    Her excuses are pure bullshit. If she actually cares about rape victims, she should get some of those rape kits tested, for a start: http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500690_162-5605770.html

    Or go about changing laws so rape victims who carried their “evidence” for 9 months don’t have to go find their rapist to ask for child support before getting state assistance. http://jezebel.com/5945084/want-welfare-in-new-mexico-better-be-ready-to-prove-you-were-forcibly-raped

    (I just googled for about 5 minutes. I’m sure if I looked harder, I could find more bullshit rape laws/policy out of New Mexico.)

    (That second one was new to me. I don’t remember hearing about it when it happened. I guess because that was when I was in the throes of rape fatigue.)

  2. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  3. em says:

    I just cant believe what she is proposing, I cant imagine a normal person suggesting this. She’s just insane. I usually have more to say but she has me speechless and horrified.

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